Introducing Elleebana Lash Lift, the hottest trend in the eyelash industry.


Just one 20 minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a sumptuous lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, lasting for 6-8 and even 12 weeks. 

Elleebana Lash Lifting uses silicone rolls or pads instead of traditional rollers to give more of a lifting effect from the base of the eyelash. Our easy to use, no-waste, single-use sachet kits contain everything you need to give your clients perfect lash lifts every time. 

The single-use sachets are both hygienic and convenient. You'll get 15-30 lifts from a single kit, allowing you to offer your clients a premium service, with absolutely no waste. So your customers will be happy with the results and so will your accountant!

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Elleebana - Lash Lift Refill Pack

Topping up is a breeze. Up to 7 minutes solution...

$ 74.95

Elleebana - NEW! Extra Strong Hold Lash Adhesive Infused With Keratin

    The benefits of this adhesive over all other...

$ 41.95

Elleebana Lash Lift Adhesive

Clear non-toxic lash lift adhesive to hold lash lift rods/pads...

$ 41.95
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Elleebana - Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift Kit

    Ever had that problem of lift solution losing...

$ 229.95

Elleebana - Silicone Rods

Silicone Rods come in several sizes: Small - 5 pairMedium...

$ 19.99

Elleebana - Lash Lift Kit Starter Kit

  Ever had that problem of lift solution losing it’s...

$ 179.95
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Elleebana - Belmacil No. 3 Dark Brown Tint

   Definition with a natural touch. Belmacil No.3 Brown is...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Belmacil - Protective Eye Guard

    Belmacil Looking after your clientEven the toughest girls...

$ 14.95
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Elleebana - Belmacil General Tint Kit

  Belmacil General TINT KIT gives you everything you need...

$ 159.95

Elleebana - Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula for Lash Lift

    Make Lash Magic Happen With Elleeplex Clear Mascara...

$ 25.00
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My Absloute Beauty - Organic Lash Botox

    For Professional and Certified Stylists Organic Lash Botox...

$ 50.00

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 1 Black Tint

   Belmacil’s powerful Swiss formula stands out above the rest...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - 1-ELLEEVATE Keratin Lash Lift Mascara

    Give Yourself a Lash Lift Every Day! Elleebana’s...

$ 25.00

Elleebana - Belmacil Creme Oxydant 100ml

    Its unique creamy formula enables you to mix...

$ 22.95
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Elleebana - Belmacil No. 3.1 Light Brown Tint

   Natural beauty with subtle definition! Belmacil light brown no.3.1...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Belmacil - Lash & Brow Tints Mixing Dish

    Belmacil Looking after your clientEven the toughest girls...

$ 18.95

Elleebana - Isolator Tool

This little bling baby has a super fine tip, making...

$ 21.95

Belmacil - Belmacil Kidney Shape Dish

    Belmacil This flexible kidney dish is conveniently shaped...

$ 8.95

Elleebana Original Lash Lift Adhesive Squeeze

Welcome our newest main squeeze to our ever evolving product...

$ 42.00

Elleebana - Lash Lifter – Lash applicator tool

  The ultimate tool for applying lashes to the rod...

$ 17.95

Belmacil - Application Brush

    Belmacil Apply the professional way….. Why not use...

$ 19.95

Elleebana - SPM Wonder Wand Applicators

    SPM Wonder Wand Applicators (Pack of 10)  ...

$ 12.95
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Elleebana - Belmacil No. 2 Blue Black Tint

The class favorite by a mile! The favorite amongst millions...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - Belma Remove - Eye makeup remover

Description Removing a client’s eye makeup is a crucial step...

From $ 10.95

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 6 Violet Tint

    Be vivacious with violet! Belmacil Violet No.6 is...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 3.3 Honey Brown Tint

   Catch more bees with luscious honey! Honey brown has...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - Complete Brow Henna Kit

    Kit Contents – Elleebana Brow Henna complete color...

$ 339.95

Elleebana - Semi-Permanent Mascara kit - 100 Applications

 SPM by Elleebana For over two decades Elleebana’s name has...

$ 299.95

Elleebana - Belmacil Belma-Remover

    Belma Remove 2 in 1 Tint & Eye...

$ 23.95

Elleebana - Belmacil Paper Eye Shields

    BELMACIL PAPER EYE SHIELDS Belmacil Protective Eye Shields...

$ 17.95

Elleebana - SPM Pre-Mixed

  Elleebana SPM semi permanent mascara Pre-Mixed 10 mL e...

$ 74.95
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Selfie Ring Light RK-12

  Selfie LED Ring Light Selfie Portable LED Ring Fill...

$ 19.95

Elleebana Perfect Lash Lift Comb

  1 Pcs Foldable Stainless Steel Teeth Lash Comb Eyebrow...

$ 9.95

Elleebana - Belmacil Belma-Shield

    BELMA-SHIELD Belma-Shield is one of those must have...

$ 19.95

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 5 Graphite Tint

   Definition with a touch of grace Graphite Belmacil No.5...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 4 Blue Tint

   Bold and beautiful blue! This is a fantastic colour...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 8 Red Tint

  Red, Raunchy and Rambunctious. A beautiful colour for clients...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95

Elleebana - Belmacil No. 7 Green Tint

  Green, gloriously gregarious! This is an exciting colour that...

$ 17.95 $ 16.95