BMC 12 Color Real Decorative Nail Art Dried Flowers

Sale price$ 4.99
Thinking of a floral manicure, but do not feel like stamping or free-handing any designs? Try these real, dried nail art flowers and add them on top of your favor polish color for quick and easy 3D looking manicure. You get 12 beautiful colors to choose from and they all come in a see-through plastic case to keep these delicate beauties safe until use. Flowers size range from 15 to 20mm and have 3 to 4 petals.


  • REAL AND NATURAL, these dried flowers will add an incredible 3D dimension to your next DIY manicure.
  • 12 DIFFERENT COLORS per set makes it easy to match up these flowers to a plethora of polish options.
  • PICK YOUR MEDIUM. All flowers can be used with nail polish, UV builder gels, and acrylic nails.
  • ADDED DIMENSION. Size ranges from 15-20mm & have 3 to 4 flowers per color (sorted by weight 2g TW).
  • A SEE THROUGH SORTING CASE helps keep these beautifully delicate flowers protected for the elements.

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