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Holo! Holo! Holo! Create stunning manicures in a flash with our in-house designed sheets of holographic nail vinyls! These nifty stickers allow you to get crisp clean lines without wasting time of free handing designs! But, if you are feel the Holo Fever kicking in, use these stickers as your nail art and BAM; one of a kind manicures! **APPLICATION**: STENCIL - Apply polish to the nail bed then, apply a quick dry topcoat. Using tweezers place vinyl on your nail. Make sure to firmly press down on the vinyl to remove any air bubbles. Apply polish on top of your nail and then immediately remove vinyl. Wait until the polish has completely dried before applying topcoat. NAIL ART STICKER - On clean, prepped nails (or on dried polish) place pre-cut sticker on your nail using tweezers. Make sure to firmly press down on the vinyl to remove any air bubbles. Apply top coat to seal in sticker.


  • HOLO-RIDINALS! That?s right, b.m.c in-house designed nail art guides. Original, DIY nail art awaits!
  • HEART BOMB! You'll get tons of love for your nails.
  • GUIDE OR DECALS NAIL ART? Use as stencil guides or leave holo designs on your nails for extra flash.
  • SIMPLE TO USE! Place sticker over dried polish, paint over sticker, peel off, add Topcoat when dry.
  • MIX AND MATCH designs in this set to come up with Original nail art manicures. Find US and Show US!

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