airDefender™ was born in the aftermath of the 2003 SARS outbreak. The company provides high quality and leading nano products, technologies, and solutions around the world. There was a clear need for a workable solution to protect against harmful pathogens. Good sanitation is extremely important and the first line of defense in protecting ourselves. But airDefender™ wanted to go further and protect people after sanitizing, keeping your hands and personal accessories bacteria- free. The research team began looking into photocatalysis and worked to make Titanium Dioxide nano-particles even smaller so that they could attack pathogens more effectively.

In 2013, airDefender™ had a breakthrough and developed a Titanium Photocatalyst in a Q-dot size − to lower the sizes far beyond the Nano definition. This smaller size allowed it to attach to pathogens more effectively and improved performance drastically. airDefender™ began using this technology in commercial applications for sanitizing offices and buildings. In 2017, we decided to bring this technology to people by developing a product that could be used daily on human skin and personal accessories. Patent number: WO 2019/205551 airDefender™ uses an average particle size of only 5-8nm for the quantum photocatalyst. It forms a highly functional protective film on the object’s surface. This shield inhibits the reproduction of bacteria, decomposes formaldehyde and chemicals emitted from everyday items (TVOC), deodorizes, and attacks mildew.

AirDefender is the future hygiene solution that can kill and block germs in one application. airDefender™ is currently available in many other countries, such as Canada, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Qatar, Spain, Taiwan, soon in the UK and South America. The products are made in Hong Kong.

AirDefender Daily Antibacterial Protection Spray

Going outside unprotected is like going out in the rain...

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