All products go above and beyond the required testing in order to guarantee the highest security standards for customers and professionals. In 2009 THUYA launched the Eyelash Extensions widening its range of products.

Our aim is to offer greater satisfaction to personal image professionals. Quality, innovation and price, are our main banners, resulting in image, distinctive sign and profitability for the center.
Our products meet high quality controls and they are always in agreement with cosmetic regulations.


Thuya - Eyelash Dye


$ 21.99
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Thuya - Lash & Brow Dye Kit

Thuya - Lash & Brow Dye Kit Provide every client...

$ 114.00
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Thuya Special Solution Dye Cream (Oxidant)

New formulation: More convenient, practic and easy to use.  We...

$ 22.00

Thuya - Dye Applicator Brush

Description: Brush for the mix of the dye with the...

$ 5.99
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Thuya - EyeLash Permanent Gel

Description: Fixes the hair structure, to ensure a lasting result....

$ 21.99
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Thuya Special Solution Dye Liquid (Oxidant)

it is a product of oxygenated water which neutralises the...

$ 18.00
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Eyelash Permanent Kit

 All the necessary in order to make the Permanent service....

$ 115.00
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Thuya - Eyelash Regenerating Cream With Argan Oil

Naturally moisturizes the eyelashes. Vitamin E improves the eyelash structure...

$ 18.99

Thuya - Neutralizer Liquid

Fixes the hair structure, to ensure a lasting result Description:...

$ 33.99

Thuya - Eyelash Glue

Description: Adheres to the curl to the eyelash. It uses...

$ 35.99

Thuya - Dye Protector Cream 50ml

Description: Avoids that the dye penetrates in the skin, therefore...

$ 21.99

Thuya - Eye Make-Up Remover Bi-Phase

Cleans the impurities and waterproof make-up, silk skin make-up remover,...

$ 13.99

Thuya Extra Protector Pads, 25 Count

Protects the lower eyelid Prevents eyelash extension glue stain your...

$ 12.99

Thuya Blond Eyebrows Special

Thuya perfect look eyelash dye 14ml, blonde Nourishing, moisturising lash...

$ 24.99

Thuya - Protector Paper For Dye

Description: Absorbs the excess after its application, also protects the...

$ 12.99